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Sitting fee to book - 150

sitting fee includes

  • Initial Client consult via phone, email or in person meeting (I'll treat you to a coffee!)
  • Style consult & use of Client Closet
  • Preparation and time coverage for the shoot itself - no time cap, length of shoot is variable and based on Client's needs
  • Guidance through choosing your collection and prints

*digital files and products are not included in the sitting fee*


  • A full pricing guide will be given upon your Initial Consult
  • Your collection is chosen once you've seen your fully edited gallery
  • All collections include a credit towards Prints and Products
  • A La Carte items can be added onto your Collection

*1000+ is the average Client Investment *

- Common questions -

Why are there prints in all collections?

I truly believe in the power of touch. While digital images are great for sharing online, swiping on a screen just doesn't quite have the same effect as holding an album or photo in your hands. They are often forgotten about after they've been posted to social media. Imagine sitting down with your children and loved ones 20, 30 years from now and showing them your memories, in the same way our Parents and Grandparents have done with us. This is why I offer Fine Art prints as well as digitals in all of my collections.

what are fine art prints?

I use a professional lab that is only available to Photographers. Fine Art Prints are produced on the highest quality paper, ensuring your images stand the test of time! Included in the the paper itself are natural fibres like cotton, unlike your typical Photographic paper. At the end of your session or during an in person meeting, I present to you my product samples so you can really experience the quality!

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You still may be thinking, “Okay but WHY do I choose you when there’s so many Photographers out there?” 

I can’t tell you how many times I myself have been disappointed with horrible customer service. These days there’s nothing worse than being “left on read”. I strive to answer my clients as fast as humanly possible, I am going to be there for you! Building authentic relationships is important to me, once your little baby is earth side, I want to see them grow up! I always check in with my clients for their Motherhood sessions and other important milestones. I only take on a limited number of clients a month so that each one gets my undivided attention. 

There are plenty of Photographers that just shoot you your digitals, you then post them on social media and that’s the end of it. Not with me, I don't like to be like everybody else! Swiping on a screen is just NOT the same as holding a photo or an album in your hands. This is why I made the decision to include Fine Art Prints and Products in ALL of my collections. There was a time not so long ago when digital wasn’t even a thing, our photos are meant to be on our walls! The power of touch is so important, and sadly we are losing that in today’s society. I want to bring it back! Let’s proudly display our photos on our walls, and pass them down to our children and their children.