Have you ever wondered what you and your partner look like while being "intimate"? Now you can.

Are you in a committed relationship, looking for the perfect opportunity to spice things up? I'm searching for a couple for an Erotic and Intimate photoshoot. Please make sure you entirely read this page before filling out the form. There is no date yet set for the shoot, the selection process is open ended until I find the right candidates. Only those that are through to the next round of selecting will be contacted. Those that are contacted will need to provide images of yourselves and a FaceTime/Zoom chat will be set up to talk face to face to get to know each other before the shoot and to discuss all the nitty gritty details and answer any questions you might have. We will also go over all of the hard no's, and things that ARE accepted.

This shoot is what I consider Erotic Boudoir, it pushes past what you would consider a regular "Boudoir" shoot. It's highly more focused on intimate, sexual connection, rather than just your standard lingerie poses (but we do some of that as well). This entails much more nudity and sexually suggestive poses, done in a very tasteful way. It's naughty, it's steamy, it's sensual, it's spicy and most of all, intimate. This is the most vulnerable you can be with your partner, which is so beautiful to capture. There is never any penetrative intercourse, but close to. The shoot will be led by me and I will guide you with step by step instructions on how to get into specific poses, as well as just candid shots of you and your partner doing what you do best.

Details of the shoot:

$200 to book-due to the nature of the shoot, this is highly discounted and ensures there are no shows

Shoot will be done either in studio or a hotel room, 1-2 hours in length

Shoot will be of Intimate and Erotic nature, including:

Full frontal nudity of both partners

Kissing, licking, gentle biting, touching of all body parts

"Suggestive" poses

Requirements to be selected:

Must be over 18 years old (ID maybe be required)

You must be in a consensual, committed relationship (this isn't for someone you just met)

Must be willing to have all images shown publicly (website mainly, but also social media platforms that allow it, and printed materials such as albums samples)

Must be willing to do any and all poses

Must follow all styling and grooming guidelines (you may be asked to do your own hair and makeup)

Same sex/gendered couples welcome

Tattoos welcome (anything derogatory or hate symbols are not welcome, eg: swastikas)

What you will receive:

All of your high resolution digital files(25+). You may purchase albums and prints with a 10% discount.

An AMAZING experience!

If you and your partner agree to all of this and you fit all the requirements, please fill out the form below the slideshow and if selected for further vetting, you'll hear from me :)

Say hello.

Let's work together

Please answer with care, all of these questions are important :) Please fill this out with your partner, together.